Twin Falls

Twin Falls

Australia | Queensland | 2017

First landscape shoot for 2017, and it did not disappoint! We’d had a bunch of summer rain and I knew the the falls would be at their best. So we jumped in the car one afternoon and headed for the Gold Coast Hinterland.

    • Decided to drag along my daughter for a nice hike through the rainforrest – she wasn’t all that enthused at first, but once underway she changed her tune. Everything was damp and we were surrounded by the marvelous sounds of wildlife. Paradise!

      After a short hike downhill we reached the falls. Time to get the camera out. I gave my daughter my point ‘n’ shoot – with instructions to snap whatever makes her happy and be careful around the slippery rocks – which kept her suitably busy while I set about framing my own shots.

      Due to the amount of rain we’d had a couple days earlier, it wasn’t only the main Twin Falls that were looking spectacular, there were small springs all sprouting out everywhere. Snap. Snap. Snap. We spent the next hour happily snapping away. You can always count on these falls to showcase something special.

Twin Falls Sun Shower
Twin Falls


Nikon D7100


Samyang 14mm F/2.8


ProMaster FW29T Featherweight


Adobe Lightroom + Photoshop