Okere Falls Park

Okere Falls Park

New Zealand | North Island | 2015

Looking for something to fill our last afternoon in Rotorua in New Zealands North Island, we jumped in the van and headed out for a drive. After only 20 min or so we happened upon some walking tracks which lead to two of the most stunning turquoise waterfalls.

    • Both are only a short walk from their respective car parks and both are equally worth the short trek. I have to admit though, my favourite is actually Okere Falls. First impressions were… WOW! There’s a lot of water moving through there. Seems we were not the only ones to think so. Evidently it’s an old hydro-power station built in the late 1800’s.

      Supplying power to Rotorua – one of only four towns to have electricity at the time – it was the first power station to be built by the New Zealand government and remained operational until 1936. It was actually quite mesmerising watching the water flow through the old ruins. I would’ve liked to jump off the track and get a closer look, maybe next time.

      The tiny little inlet at Tutea Falls – not much wider then a large white water raft – was spectacular in its own right. Forcing water through the inlet with such force, I found it hard to believe that in the summer months they actually run rafting tours through this very spot. You can have that, thank you very much.

      Some people have said the water movement in the Tutea Falls shot actually looks like a wedding dress. I wonder if this was some kind of sign, for the very next day my now husband proposed after 11 years together.


Nikon D7100


Samyang 14mm F/2.8
Nikkor 50mm F1.8G


ProMaster FW29T Featherweight


Adobe Lightroom + Photoshop