McLean Falls

McLean Falls

New Zealand | South Island | 2015

This spot was on the list before we’d even left home. I’d seen other photographers talk about it and well, I just had to see what all the fuss was about. Now I have to admit, we are pretty spoilt for waterfalls in the Gold Coast Hinterland, and some would say “you see one waterfall, you’ve seen them all” – however I don’t believe that’s the case!

    • Every waterfall has its own unique feel, almost a rhythm if you will. The way it carves through the rocks, choosing its own path down the mountain side and the surrounding wildlife song that in some cases is barely a whisper above the rushing water, it all helps to make each one different.

      This one was elegant, peaceful – yet teaming with life – and finding it was a little adventurous. I had read that you must not get disappointed when reaching the end of the trail, as this was not the final destination. To get to the ‘big falls’ you must continue off the beaten track. Well, I wasn’t going to miss out on that! So with family in tow we made our way further off the trail, up a small rock face to where this beauty was waiting for us.

      It pays to do your research on locations some times, I know I would’ve been disappointed if I’d only followed the trail.


Nikon D7100


Samyang 14mm F/2.8


ProMaster FW29T Featherweight


Adobe Lightroom + Photoshop