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Kaikoura Coast

Best Night of My Life | New Zealand | South Island | 2015

The night these Milky Way shots were taken was arguably the best night of my life! The conditions were perfect and having only dabbled in astrophotography at home, I was excited by the prospect of getting some decent shots. I’d set up my camera, dialed in the settings required – time for a test shot… BOOOM! I couldn’t believe the results.

    • So needless to say I was excited. My boyfriend picked up on this excitement and decided that it was the perfect time to bust out his long anticipated surprise. After covertly returning from the camper he asked me ‘Could it get any better than this?’ … no sooner had the words left his mouth we were interrupted by a cheeky, yet terrifying, seal. With my heart in my throat, I squealed and ran back to the camper with camera and tripod in hand.

      After laughing it off together he encouraged me to keep shooting. I couldn’t refuse. So I reset my gear in a new competition and proceeded to shoot again. A few minutes passed and he piped up again saying ‘It can’t get much better than this, right?’. I replied with the obvious ‘Not really, its amazing!’ and turned to find him on one knee with a sparkling diamond rind in hand. Obviously I said YES! Our daughter was so excited and shocked she was speechless for a good few minutes.

      The next morning I got to capture the cheeky, proposal spoiling, seals basking as the sun rose which was a pretty special way to cap off an incredible evening.

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Milky Way Core
Kaikoura Sunrise Seals

Composite Image

Kaikoura Coast + Gold Coast Milky Way

This is a cheeky composite image I created for a bit of fun. The foreground was taken along the Kaikaoura Coast but I felt as if it was missing something so I decided to add a Milky Way shot I had taken in my backyard just after the sun had set.

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Nikon D7100


Samyang 14mm F/2.8


ProMaster FW29T Featherweight


Adobe Lightroom + Photoshop